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Serval = Free Mobile / Cell Phone calls, for the World!
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 00:00

“Communications should not just be for the geographically, financially otherwise fortunate — for it is the unfortunate who need it most. ”
Communicate anywhere, any time … without infrastructure, without mobile towers, without satellites, without wifi hotspots, and without carriers. Use existing off-the-shelf mobile cell phone handsets. Use your existing mobile phone number wherever you go, and never pay roaming charges again.

Openreach hiring thousands more engineers
Thursday, 15 March 2018 20:34

BT's Openreach is to hire 3,500 trainee engineers in a bid to support its 'full-fibre' proposals for Britain.

The former stated-owned telco monopoly claimed its "largest recruitment drive" comes off the back of its plan to connect three million premises to full fibre by 2020, up 50 per cent on its previous goal.

That programme is expected to cost up to £6bn, which BT hopes to recoup by increasing service providers' line rental charges by £7 per month, a cost that will undoubtedly be passed onto consumers. The firm is also asking service providers to move all customers onto the

Brace yourselves, netadmins, there's a new type of cable to consider
Thursday, 15 March 2018 14:58

This week's network-news-in-five minutes has Palo Alto Networks acquiring a startup, a slew of Cisco switches, Juniper's fabric fetish, network monitoring and more.

First up: Palo Alto Networks has dropped US$300 million on the table to slurp cloud security company Evident.io.

Evident.io focuses on providing security assessment and risk compliance services to users of AWS and Azure. It scans the services for software with vulnerabilities, reports the vulnerabilities with code snippets, and identifies which users may have introduced the risks into the environment.

The five-year-old company's technology will be assimilated into Palo Alto's cloud security platform, Evident.io's Tim Prendergast blogged

Super Cali neutral traffic bill makes web throttling bogus
Thursday, 15 March 2018 08:03

California is doubling down on its efforts to mandate net neutrality, this time with a bill making its way through the state senate.

The bill, SB 822 [PDF], would mandate the state only work with ISPs that adhere to policies against blocking and throttling lawful traffic. It has been submitted to the Senate rules committee in hopes of getting a popular vote.

Authored by Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), the legislation was re-introduced on Tuesday with amendments Wiener says will strengthen rules against net neutrality violations for any carrier that wants to do business with a California state agency, receives

Beware VMware! Nutanix sprays all over Virtzilla's networking territory
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 22:42

Nutanix this week teased analysts with a software-defined networking product called FLOW and made no secret of its intent to muscle in on VMware's turf.

NSX is VMware's software-defined networking and security platform, based on acquired Nicira technology from 2012. Its latest iteration works with the Pivotal Container Service , providing the networking services containers need.

VMware does over a billion dollars in business with the NSX product - Virtzilla execs announced earlier this month that it had an annual run rate of $1.4bn – and VMware believes network virtualization could be bigger than server virtualization.

Nutanix's FLOW is for

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