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The below wireless news is from a number of sources including: Hack a Day and The Register.

Serval = Free Mobile / Cell Phone calls, for the World!
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 00:00

“Communications should not just be for the geographically, financially otherwise fortunate — for it is the unfortunate who need it most. ”
Communicate anywhere, any time … without infrastructure, without mobile towers, without satellites, without wifi hotspots, and without carriers. Use existing off-the-shelf mobile cell phone handsets. Use your existing mobile phone number wherever you go, and never pay roaming charges again.

Long-Range RFID With Feedback
Saturday, 19 January 2019 03:00

Not long ago, we published an article about researchers adding sensor data to passive RFID tags, and a comment from a reader turned our heads to a consumer/maker version which anyone can start using right away. If you’re catching up, passive RFID technology is behind the key fobs and stickers which don’t need power, just proximity to the reader’s antenna. This is a much “hackier” version that works with discrete signals instead of analog ones. It will not however require writing a new library and programming new tags from the ground up just for the user to get started, so …read more

If at first, second, third... fourth time you don't succeed, you're Apple: Another appeal lost in $440m net patent war
Wednesday, 16 January 2019 10:27

Apple has, for the fourth time now, lost an appeal against a $440m patent-infringement damages award, payable to VirnetX – and pledged to appeal the decision.

On Tuesday, a US appeals court denied Apple's request to overturn a 2016 verdict; just the latest in a long game of legal ping-pong that the tech giant appears to be playing in the hope that VirnetX will go out of business before it can get the funds.

The tech giant was sued back in 2010 for infringing VirnetX's network protocol patents (US 7,418,504 and 7,921,211 ) with its FaceTime videoconferencing app and iMessage.

Huawei's horror show 2019 continues as Taiwanese research institute joins banhammer club
Tuesday, 15 January 2019 21:50

It's only the third week of January, but 2019 is turning into a horror year for Huawei: the company's phones have now been reportedly banned from a major research institute in Taiwan.

Local news reports (for example, here at Yahoo!'s Kimo arm and here at United Daily News) said the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is banning Huawei devices from connecting to its internal network as of noon, January 15.

United Daily News quoted from the Institute's internal notice: “ITRI is a national science and technology research and development unit. Many research and development contents [sic] involve confidentiality. In order

Huawei’s elusive Mr Ren: We’re just a 'sesame seed' in a superpower spat
Thursday, 17 January 2019 03:15

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei does not give interviews, so the two-hour audience the firm granted to US media on Monday was a landmark - and perhaps a recognition of the crisis enveloping the company. Huawei faces a rising tide of headlines about its trustworthiness as a corporate supplier.

The session gave a fascinating insight into the founder’s early years, the company’s ownership and management structure - and of course, how he will respond to state-fuelled concerns about Huawei’s security.

It would appear no questions or topics were off-limits to “Mr Ren”, with plenty mentioning espionage, and even whether the criticism

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