Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Good Times for Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi locations are getting more use than ever and more locations, provided by our corporate friends, are increasingly popping up around the world.

Barnes & Noble, Borders Books and McDonald's have recently added thousands of new locations by switching from paid to free Wi-Fi.

Over the Christmas period Google supported Free Wi-Fi at a number of airports, and many have decided to continue providing free Wi-Fi on their own volition, most notably Boston, San Francisco, Tokyo and Osaka.

American (maybe other countries, please comment), Starbucks stores have introduced a new card enabling users to make five purchases to reach a new "Green" level, and be able to use two continuous hours of Wi-Fi each day at no cost, along with a bunch of free beverage add-ons.

The use of Wi-Fi-FreeSpots has grown due in large part to the proliferation of "smartphones". No longer is it just for laptop use. The recent release of the iPad should increase usage as well. All in all, good days for Free Wi-Fi.

Check out this great resource for finding free WiFi hotspots in your area: https://totalhotspots.com/.