Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Frozen: Bank accounts of suspected Chinese Cisco counterfeiters who exploited pandemic shortages
Thursday, 23 July 2020 11:12

Three Chinese companies accused by Cisco of selling counterfeit components badged with its logo on have had their US bank accounts frozen by a federal district court judge.

The judge, sitting in northern California, decided that Cisco was likely to succeed in its lawsuit [PDF], lodged last week, and so issued a temporary restraining order against Shenzhen Usource Technology, Shenzhen Warex Technologies and Warex Technologies.

The three companies have, according to Cisco, been advertising and selling their own transceivers as Cisco’s, complete with its logo, to US customers through online retailers. Judge Edward J. Davila ordered the three companies to

After banning Chinese comms bogeyman, UK asks: Huawei in this mess? It was a failure of capitalism, MPs told
Thursday, 23 July 2020 02:16

Excising Huawei from the UK's 5G networks promises to be an expensive task that has ramifications for the nationwide rollout of 5G.

Following the ban of the firm's gear in the nation's 5G deployment, the government is doing some soul-searching to find out how it became so dependent on one particular vendor.

One cause, MPs were told at a meeting of the House of Commons' Science and Technology Committee , was a "failure of capitalism".

"Free markets essentially failed the US, Canada, and the UK in creating this gap," said Amy Karam, fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.

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About ready to POP3: Day 6 of email wobbles at UK2 after services provider Tucows suffers 'service failure'
Thursday, 23 July 2020 00:11

Updated Customers of UK2 hosted email services have been complaining of missing emails from clients, as the platform heads into a sixth day of wobbles. Problems appear to have begun on Friday for users connecting via IMAP and POP3 and were said to be due to "a service failure" at the UK company's Canadian service partner Tucows.

Multiple Reg readers contacted us after being unable to receive or send emails for nearly a week, with one annoyed reader saying it had affected "several of my accounts since Friday – only emails sent since [the] outage started on Friday are available

Not-so-paltry towers to float: Vodafone reveals IPO plans for mega European masts biz
Saturday, 25 July 2020 02:39

Vodafone will IPO its towers business next year, it told the market this morning , with the global telecommunications giant planning a public offering for early next year on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Dubbed Vantage Towers (presumably because they couldn't think of a more generic name), the firm expects to sell between 10 and 20 per cent of the company, which had revenues of €950m last year and margins of 85 per cent.

The telco today reported its Q1 for its financial year ended June 2021 , reflecting a fall in overall revenue of 2.8 per cent to £10.5bn. It

UK govt finds £200,000 under sofa to kick off research into improving mobile connectivity on nation's crap railways
Saturday, 25 July 2020 00:34

Staying connected on a train in the UK is almost impossible thanks to excruciatingly slow speeds and frequent blackspots. The government hopes to make these gripes a thing of the past by committing £200,000 to research on new track-side antenna technology.

The commitment follows the release of the Mott MacDonald Report , which outlines a feasibility study into the mounting of wireless antennas onto overhead line equipment (OLE) structures.

OLE structures are found on a third of the UK's rail network that supports electrified trains. These routes are primarily the ones connecting major cities like the East Coast Main Line

ESP8266 Makes a Wireless Card Reader
Sunday, 26 July 2020 13:00

You can find commercial USB sticks that can also connect via WiFi. But [Neutrino] made his own using an ESP8266 married to a card reader. It all starts with the old trick of soldering a header to an SD card adapter. The USB port is still there, but it is …read more

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