Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
The unstoppable rise of real-time payments
Friday, 08 January 2021 18:00

Sponsored As consumers rely less and less on traditional banking and look for the convenience and flexibility that comes with being able to keep in control of their finances from a mobile device, open banking is driving traction in real-time payments technologies that allow instantaneous money transfer.

Whether it’s mobile wallets, online banking , or peer-to-peer payments through PayPal - adoption rates may vary from region to region, but payment infrastructure providers around the world are moving to real-time payment platforms in order to meet consumer expectations, reduce friction, enable innovation and improve fraud detection.

What about the benefits?


Starlink Satellite Dish X-Rayed to Unlock RF Magic Inside
Tuesday, 12 January 2021 21:01

When [Kenneth Keiter] took apart his Starlink dish back in November, he did his best to explain the high-level functionality of the incredibly complex device in a video posted to his YouTube channel. It was a fascinating look at the equipment, but by his own admission, he wasn’t the right …read more

Everybody's time is precious, pal: Sometimes it isn't only the terminals that are dumb
Sunday, 27 December 2020 20:30

12BoC On the third day of Christmas, the bork gods sent to me: petty angry user, flightless Windows signage , and a server they said had ceased to be . Welcome to the Twelve Borks of Christmas (12BoC): a collection of Register reader stories of amusing and frustrating tech sightings over the festive period.

We take a jaunt over the Atlantic for today's tale, from a reader Regomised as "Keith".

Our story takes place back in the days when modems were frequently found attached to dumb terminals. Keith and his team were responsible for supporting a fleet of the devices

Welcome to the splinternet – where freedom of expression is suppressed and repressed, and Big Brother is watching
Monday, 04 January 2021 21:30

Feature Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder John Gilmore said that the internet routed around censorship. But what if the net stopped being one big, connected thing? National governments are busy walling off their own sections, and in some cases changing the technologies that underpin it. What's more, they're not stopping at their own borders.

There are terms for this sliced-up internet, with rules that vary between countries. Some call it digital balkanisation. Others, like Julie Owono, call it the splinternet.

"It's an internet where free expression is suppressed and repressed," explains Owono, executive director of digital rights group Internet Sans Frontières

Confessions at a Christmas do: 'That time I took down an entire neighbourhood'
Sunday, 03 January 2021 20:30

12BoC Ah, Christmas dos. Remember them? A chance to humiliate oneself in front of colleagues and make the odd drunken confession or two. Welcome to the tenth whoopsie of our Twelve Borks of Christmas (12BoC) series*

Register reader "James" (a pseudonym generated by Santa's Little Regomiser) recalls one that was blurted out over past Christmas lunches of a very well-known UK broadband provider concerning a cable modem whoopsie.

A call came through from the unfortunates staffing the first-line support: a customer was having some odd problems with their broadband, but nothing obvious was causing it. Ever service-focused, James called the

New York Stock Exchange U-turns on decision to boot China's three biggest telcos
Wednesday, 06 January 2021 05:45

The New York Stock Exchange has reversed an earlier decision to delist China's three largest telecommunications companies.

Last Thursday the NYSE said it would delist China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom in order to comply with an executive action issued by President Trump in November. These delistings would happen as early Thursday, 7 January, although the bourse noted that affected businesses would have the right to appeal.

Issued on 12 November, Executive Order 13959 bans American individuals and institutions from purchasing securities in businesses deemed to be linked to the Chinese military, either directly or indirectly, by the Secretary

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