Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Touch Anything And Everything
Friday, 21 September 2018 01:00

Powering IoT devices is often a question of batteries or mains power, but in rare exceptions to this rule there is no power supply (PDF Warning). At the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of California, San Diego, researchers have gone the extra mile to make advanced backscatter devices, and these new tags don’t need the discrete components we have seen in previous versions. They are calling it LiveTag, and it doesn’t need anything aside from a layer of foil printed or etched on a flexible ceramic-PTEF laminate. PTEF is mostly seen in the RF sector as a substrate for …read more

Cheap FPV Goggles Turned Pocket Sized Display
Sunday, 09 September 2018 07:00

Thanks to the exploding popularity of First Person View (FPV) RC flying over the last couple of years, the cost of the associated hardware has dropped rapidly. Today you can get entry-level FPV goggles for under $40 USD on various import sites. For the money you’re getting a 5.8 GHz receiver, battery, and an LCD display; even if the components themselves aren’t exactly high end, at that price it’s essentially an impulse buy.

[nomand] didn’t necessarily have a use for a cheap FPV headset, but he did like the idea of having a pocket sized display that he could pass …read more

No D'oh! DNS-over-HTTPS passes Mozilla performance test
Thursday, 30 August 2018 10:02

As the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) secured domain querying draft creeps towards standardisation, Mozilla has run a test to see if applying encryption brings too heavy a performance penalty.

One somewhat-surprising outcome: for some queries, performance improved using DoH.

As Mozilla discusses here , run-of-the-mill DNS requests over DoH take a small performance hit.

However, the test team believes a six millisecond slowdown is acceptable, given that users get better security and privacy out of DoH.

The experiment found that from the billion DNS requests it gathered, “the slowest DNS transactions performed much better with the new DoH based system than the

Fear mongers forced to eat shorts over spam swamping claims
Thursday, 30 August 2018 09:12

When new European privacy legislation forced internet registries and registrars to withhold the ownership details of internet domain names, a number of groups - including intellectual property lawyers and cybercrime experts - warned it would result in a jump in spam and online fraud.

"A lot of people who are using this data won’t be able to get access to it, and it's not going to be pretty," railed Rod Rasmussen, CTO at Internet Identity.

"Once things start going dark it will have a cascading effect. Email deliverability is going to be one issue, and the amount of spam that

UK.gov flings £95m at public sector superfast broadband rollouts
Thursday, 30 August 2018 02:18

The UK's Ministry of Fun is still trying to give away piles of cash to companies tempted to install superfast broadband, with £95m up for grabs from last autumn's commitment to splurge £195m.

The third round of the Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) Challenge Fund giveaway was rolled out today, aimed at enabling "gigabit capable connections to key public buildings and businesses" as well as homes.

Back in March the whole thing was kicked off, using a £195m giveaway that first came to public light in Chancellor Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement .

At the time, 13 areas in the UK

Cisco Meraki kills the dongle star, adds SD-WAN to branch and teleworker kit
Wednesday, 29 August 2018 21:36

Sometimes it's the little things that count: in prepping a refresh of its branch and home office networking kit, one of the things Cisco Meraki paid attention to was getting rid of docking stations.

Why? Because unlike an enterprise environment, where networking kit lives in a relatively organised environment, branch connectivity kit often lives on desks. Dongles get bumped and cables get tripped over, connectivity gets interrupted, and tempers get frayed.

The outfit's product marketing lead, Simon Tompson, mentioned the decision as something entirely driven by feedback from customers, saying: "We're humans – we're dumb and messy."

The decision to

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