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You'll never get Huawei with this, FCC tells US telcos: Buy Chinese kit and you won't see another dime from us
Saturday, 23 November 2019 08:18

America's broadband watchdog has told telcos they cannot use government subsidies to buy any more Huawei or ZTE equipment.

The FCC is also mulling extending this ultimatum to include the continued use of the Chinese manufacturers' gear, meaning cellular and internet providers will have to replace their installed Huawei and ZTE boxes, as well as vow not to purchase any of the kit, if they wish to receive funding from the US government.

Specifically, the five-member commission voted unanimously on Friday to bar US telcos from using cash from the Universal Service Fund to purchase stuff made by either of

If tsoHost is lecturing us on sleep hygiene, Brit outfit really does have hosting back to front
Wednesday, 27 November 2019 02:35

UK hosting outfit tsoHost (the artist formerly known as TSO Host) continues to suffer the blacklist blues as email woes have continued to beset the company.

"Unbelievably, it's even worse!" remarked one Register reader as Microsoft blacklisted some of the company's addresses, making it somewhat tricky for affected customers to send emails to accounts hosted by the Windows giant. You know, minor stuff like Office 365, that sort of thing.

Things had tottered back after the incident in August , when customers were unable to send emails to Hotmail or Outlook addresses for more than a week.

This week's borkage

Not to Nokia, but someone's seeking a third Huawei: Openreach hunts supplier number 3 for UK's FTTP network
Wednesday, 27 November 2019 00:11

BT's pipe-laying division Openreach is looking to further dilute its reliance on Huawei by issuing a tender seeking an additional infrastructure supplier to help build an FTTP broadband network.

The Register understands that Openreach will later this week issue a Pre-Qualification Tender for a third FTTP vendor: Huawei and Nokia already supply Openreach with a range of kit that goes to build full fibre inside the exchange, outside in BT's network and in customers' premises.

"We already manage a large and diverse supply chain across our full fibre build, and we're constantly reviewing our options to make sure we can

As pressure builds over .org sell-off, internet governance orgs fall back into familiar pattern: Silence
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 17:56

One week after the news the non-profit .org internet registry was to be sold to a private equity firm, the board of the organization that has to approve the purchase met in private to discuss the situation.

Four days after that organization – ICANN – met on November 21, it has yet to say a word about what it discussed or decided.

This past weekend, the board of the organization that is selling the rights to .org, and which will likely make $1bn or more from the sale, the Internet Society, met . On both the Saturday and Sunday, the

We are absolutely, definitively, completely and utterly out of IPv4 addresses, warns RIPE
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 09:31

Analysis It happened four years ago . And again two years ago . And last year. But this time, on November 25, 2019, we have finally, finally, finally run out of IPv4 addresses.

That’s according to RIPE, Europe’s regional internet registry, which announced on Monday “we made our final /22 IPv4 allocation from the last remaining addresses in our available pool. We have now run out of IPv4 addresses.”

That’s not to be confused with the time in April 2018 when RIPE announced it had allocated its last /8 block. Or six years earlier than that when RIPE said it

Intel's back. Can't keep it down. Back with 5G. Back in the game, back with modems... that have 'MediaTek' written on them for some reason
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 08:32

Intel today tapped up MediaTek to integrate 5G modems into next-generation PCs, due to hit the shelves in early 2021.

This comes a few months after after Chipzilla very publicly walked away from making 5G smartphone modems: it quit that racket immediately after Apple and Qualcomm settled an almighty legal row over technology licensing and payments.

Essentially, Intel had hoped to get its 5G cellular modems into future iPhones, displacing Qualcomm's Snapdragon modems in the handsets, all while Apple grew increasingly unhappy with Qualcomm. Then the iGiant patched up its differences with Qualcomm, forcing Intel to seemingly give up in

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