Default Router Passwords

Use the search below to find your wireless router's default username and password. Use a search term like your routers make (eg Asus, Netgear, Belkin etc) or model number.

Please add your router details if they're not listed and you know the default password and username.

If you can't find the exact model of the router you are looking for, try a password from the same manufacturer with a similar model name. Often, manufacturers use the same passwords across different models.

Manufacturer Model Version Access Type Username Password Notes
3COM 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300XM security security
Dynalink RTA230 Multi admin admin
Netgear WGR614 v4 Multi admin password OR
ZyXEL Prestige 652HW-31 ADSL Router HTTP admin 1234
Cisco Cisco Wireless Location Appliance 2700 Series prior to Multi root password Added by DPL admin. From
3COM superstack II 1100/ 3300 3comcso RIP000 resets all pws to defaults
Edimax Broadband Router Hardware: Rev A. Boot Code: 1.0 Runtime Code 2.63 HTTP admin 1234
Netgear RP114 3.20-3.26 HTTP admin 1234 default
ZyXEL Prestige 100IH Console n/a 1234
Topcom Wireless [email protected] 1154+ PSTN (Annex A) V 4.00.0 HTTP admin admin G+ mode (125Mbps) integration

If your router's password is not listed here and you know it, please...
Add your router's default password