Dish with USB Feed
Monday, 07 September 2009 23:04

This simple to make dish antenna uses a USB WiFi adapter and a reflective dish made from a satellite TV dish, a kitchen wok, strainer or a sieve.

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A dish or parabola can be used to concentrate radiation to and from a focus point. This is a directional antenna.

usb wifi adapterStep 1.
Get a USB Wireless adapter or "dongle". This is a small device that provides WiFi capability to computers without a wireless card. For best compatibility, get one that includes the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.
male and female connectors, usb cableStep 2.
Get a USB passive extension cable. You want a Type A (male) to Type A (female) cable. This will connect the wireless adapter to your computer's USB port. Because the antenna is directional, you'll need to position it (perhaps near a window) where it can have a good line of sight view of the distant Access Point. You can link multiple extension cables together to a limit of 5m(15'), but active (powered) USB extenders allow further cable runs-which may even allow elevated outdoor antenna placement.
sieve wireless antennaStep 3.
Get a dish. You can get a bit inventive here. A popular choice is the Asian "scoop" cooking utensil (shaped like a wok, but mesh) used to fry things - it's the perfect shape and conveniently comes with a long wooden handle! Other options include satellite TV dishes, sieves, steamers, pot lids and lamp shades - any parabolic metal surface will work - the bigger, the better the signal (but harder to carry around).