Parabolic Dish with BiQuad feeder - Page 3
Saturday, 12 September 2009 22:20

Making the Element

The element is made from a length of copper wire, bent into the appropriate shape. Note that the length of each "side" should be as close to 30.5mm as possible (measured from the centre of the copper wire to the centre of the copper wire), which is a quarter of a wavelength at 2.4GHz

 the shape and dimensions of the element

recycling power cable offcutsTake a piece of 1.2mm (diameter) bare or enamelled copper wire (244 mm long) and straighten it.

In some countries, electrical power cable has a copper wire with a diameter of approx 1.6mm which will do the job.

90 degree bendMeasure the mid-point of the wire, and make a 90 degree bend. The bend should be quite sharp and pronounced.
 another two bendsMeasure the midpoints of each half, and make two more 90 degree bends in the wire.
 bend it some more.Once again, measure the midpoints of each section, and make some more 90 degree bends.

 make it symetricalDo the same to the other side, resulting in the biquad shape.

Clean up all your bends, and ensure each side of the element is straight and as close to 30.5mm as possible. You may need to trim a small amount off each end of the wire to achieve this.