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Bluetooth Speaker In A Bag
Sunday, 10 December 2017 03:00

[VanTourist] — irked by what he sees as complicated project videos — has demonstrated that you can build a high quality, multi-function Bluetooth speaker inside three hours.

Using simple hand tools — primarily a crimper, wire stripper, razor cutter and some glue — he’s packed this repurposed GoPro accessory bag with quite a bit of tech. The main components are a Bluetooth amplifier with a spiffy knob, and a pair of 15W speakers, but he’s also added a 1W LED flashlight, 1A and 2.1A charging ports, a battery charge monitor display, and pilot cover toggle switches for style points. Despite all that crammed into the bag, there’s still a bit of room left to pack in a few possessions! You can check out the build pictures here, or the video after the break.

Thanks to a 4400mAh battery, the speaker has a 20-30hr battery life when playing music, but mileage obviously varies if you’re charging devices and using the flashlight as well. A five-hour to charge time is probably a fair price to pay for a day and a night of music.

We’ve recently featured a sound-reactive speaker that guarantees appropriate party lighting. Or, pop on these goggles to really see the power of music.

[Via /r/DIY]

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