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OVH data centres go TITSUP*
Thursday, 09 November 2017 21:48

Updated Power outages have brought some OVH data servers to their knees, and unspecified issues have broken optical cable routing in Europe for POP.

OVH boasts it is used by "155 out of the 1000 largest European companies" and "20 out of the 500 largest international companies".

According to the outage site downdetector, over 100 watchers have reported issues with OVH hosting and email since around 7:37 UTC.

CEO Octave Klaba tweeted that "2 separated 20kV lines are down" and said the team was trying to restart generators for its Central Europe SBG1 and SG4 data centres.

Also, optical links to POP are down.

ovh.co.uk and ovh.com are also not loading for us here in London. However, it sounds like OVH has been making a tiny bit of progress...

We called OVH's UK customer support number and heard "Service is closed" and a long "ewwwwww...." Maybe unrelated.

Spencer Pryor, CEO of YOUR Radio in Glasgow, told The Register that its websites and 1,000 audio streams running through OVH are down. He said between about 10 and 20 per cent of its audience was online.

"It's just aggravating this morning," he said.

Luke Ellis of Livebuzz told The Register he saw this outage "negatively", adding: "How can a Tier 4 data centre experience total loss of power to its routing equipment for over three hours?! Both redundant lines and both backup generators."

OVH had a pretty nasty water cooling leak in July.

We contacted a spokesperson for OVH for comment. ®

* Total Inability to Support Usual Phhhhuuuu... 3 hours?

Updated at 14.04 to add: The firm has said that most customers should be up soon and that systems were back up: "In the coming days, impacted customers will receive an email to trigger SLA commitments," the CEO wrote in the most recent update, here (French).

Updated at 09:19 10/11/17 to add: An OVH spokesperson told us: "Here is the latest update of the situation we can share so far." They said an official statement would be released shortly.

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Source: http://bit.ly/2jeNLTE