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Virgin Media to close flagship Oxford St store in August
Friday, 30 June 2017 23:00

Exclusive Virgin Media has named the 30 branches scheduled to shut as part of plans to slash up to 250 jobs, including the closure of its flagship Oxford Street store in August.

All the stores will close between August and mid October, the company said in a detailed proposal of the plans seen by The Register.

Sources had told us that 28 posts are being cut in Virgin’s Hammersmith headquarters as well as 220 store roles across the country.

In an email to staff, Virgin Media said a review of its operations had revealed an increase in the number of customers choosing to buy through online channels meaning that “a number of retail locations where the costs associated with running those stores are no longer efficient.

"It has become clear that it is more effective to deliver new sales volume through other non-retail channels across a number of geographical areas.”

As well as closing 30 stores, VM will open seven smaller “more efficient stores or kiosks," it said.

It said: “The impact of reducing our estate coupled with the deployment of our new technologies has led us to also propose that we also reduce our head office support functions.

“We will not be going into detail of all the roles impacted as we want to make consultation meaningful, however we can let you know there are further reductions proposed to the head office teams. Once collective consultation has concluded we will share with you the impacted roles.”

The 30 stores due to close are: Two Ipswich branches, Oxford Street, Woking, Meadowhall, Sheffield, Coventry, Swindon, Glasgow, Bromley, Gateshead, Basingstoke, Halifax, Thurrock, Enfield, Brixton, Wakefield, Sunderland, Watford, Colchester, Stevenage, Blackpool, Wellingborough, Leamington Spa, Kingston, Manchester, Bullring, Cambridge, Basildon, Stratford.

The Register has asked Virgin Media for comment. ®

Source: http://bit.ly/2ttzQMt