Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Discover potholes in the information super-highway with this handy new tool (which itself just hit a roadblock)
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 17:05

Are we taking the internet for granted? And by "internet" we mean the actual global networks of computers that share vast quantities of information every second by using the same basic protocols.

A long-planned security upgrade of the global domain name system planned for earlier this month was postponed because 11th-hour telemetry suggested that as much as eight per cent of public DNS servers were wrongly configured, and that the security update would boot as many as 60 million people offline. Amid all this, network engineers have been taking a closer look at the fabric of the internet itself: what

Vodafone analysed evidence in case where it was alleged victim
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 00:04

A man left on bail for more than seven years has hit out at Vodafone's role in his court case as alleged victim and examiner of vital computer evidence.

Daniel Mahony told The Register that Vodafone not only said it was the victim of a fraud perpetuated in part by his company, but also examined his computers on the instruction of Surrey Police.

Mahony spent seven and a half years on court bail, having been charged in 2010 with fraud and operating an unlicensed commercial multi-user gateway (COMUG) , contrary to the Wireless Telegraphy Act.

Vodafone analysed evidence in case where it was alleged victimREAD MORE

The fraud case

Sales bottlenecks gag Juniper's growth in Q3
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 15:01

Having a big deal go on hold doesn't just spoil your day, it can upend a whole quarter, as Juniper Networks has found.

The Gin Palace today reported what it called “disappointing” numbers. As it warned earlier this month , its Q3 fell short of forecasts.

Its revenue fell year-on-year by two per cent to US$1,257.8 million, well shy of the previous forecast of between $1,290m and $1,350m.

As The Register speculated, the reason seems to be a big deal falling behind schedule. Juniper's CFO commentary [PDF] on today's announcement says:

“From a revenue perspective, the lower than expected result

Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?
Saturday, 28 October 2017 07:47

Special report Schools across the United States are sounding the alarm on what looks suspiciously like an effort by the federal telecoms regulator to undermine efforts to build new broadband networks.

Under the e-rate program run by the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, schools that do not have access to a fiber network supplied by the main cable companies can apply for federal funds to build or lease such a network, and so supply much faster internet access to their students.

The issue is at the very heart of the so-called digital divide where people in remote or rural areas

Gigamon is giga-gone! Networking vendor bought by private equity
Friday, 27 October 2017 18:31

Networking vendor Gigamon has agreed to sell itself to private equity concern Elliot Management, for around US$1.6bn.

The company on Thursday announced that shareholders will be given US$38.50 in cash for each share they own.

That's a little more than the $36.15 value of each share at the close of trading, but a 21 per cent premium on the price as of April 28th when Elliot Management let regulators know it had acquired more than five per cent of the company.

Analyst believe Elliot started to buy Gigamon shares in March, when they could be had for about $28 apiece.

Cisco removes probe from place the SAN don't shine in new FC switch
Friday, 27 October 2017 14:58

Cisco's new MDS 9123t 32G fibre channel switch

Cisco's decided to save the world from all-flash arrays by giving it a new 32G Fabric Switch, an upgraded Nexus 93180 and data galore.

Switchzilla's motive for the new products is the splendidly high I/O that flash arrays can already handle, and the even stronger torrents of data to come once NVMe and 3D Xpoint become prevalent. Hence the new MDS 9132T fabric switch, depicted above * , a 1U beast capable of packing 32x32-Gbps FC ports..

The machine can ship with eight or 16 ports, with a 16-port “expansion module” offering

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