Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
What time do you call this, BT? Late, state-funded broadband rollout plods on
Monday, 09 February 2015 23:46

Readers may recall a time when the Tory-led UK government trumpeted plans to have the best broadband connections in Europe by, well, now.

That dream was shattered, however, when progress on the Broadband UK (BDUK) project stalled, in part due to intervention from Brussels' competition officials , who had questioned BT's tight grip on the millions of pounds of taxpayer money dished out to the one-time state monopoly.

The decision to gift BT with £530m of government funds – despite squabbles from rival suppliers bidding for the cash – was eventually waved through. And so began the arduous task of

City broadband ISPs: PLEEEEASE don't do 'Title II' net neutrality
Thursday, 12 February 2015 11:00

No less than 43 small ISPs have written to US watchdog the FCC [PDF] asking that it not introduce Title II legislation later this month.

According to the broadband slingers, who hail from 16 states of America and have on average just over 4,000 subscribers each, reclassifying internet providers as common carriers will cause them large additional costs in compliance and legal advice.

The companies note they are "strong supporters" of net neutrality and an open internet, but are "staunchly opposed" to FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's plan to use Title II legislation to resolve a question over how internet access

Net neutrality: Growing flames of criticism lick FCC chief's secret plans
Friday, 13 February 2015 10:31

As the big vote on new net neutrality rules draws close, opposition to the FCC chairman's plan to reclassify broadband under so-called Title II legislation is growing.

On Thursday, the Washington Post formally came out against the idea, arguing that such an approach would "expose broadband providers to a new world of federal regulation." Even though the FCC commissioners have said they will not impose "onerous" regulations, future commissioners may, notes the Post .

It also takes up the most recent argument put forward by those opposed to the proposed rules: that power will be pulled away from the Federal

An Adventure into Android Makes the VIC-20 Speak
Saturday, 14 February 2015 21:00

History and [Bil Herd] teaches us that Commodore begged, borrowed, or stole the engineers responsible for the Speak & Spell to add voice synthesis to a few of the computers that came after the C64. This didn’t quite work out in practice, but speech synthesis was something that was part of the Commodore scene for a long time. The Votrax Type ‘n Talk was a stand-alone speech synthesizer that plugged into the expansion port of the VIC-20. It was expensive, rare, but a few games supported it. [Jan] realized the state of speech synthesis has improved tremendously over the last …read more

Opticomm wants peer relationship with NBN Co
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 09:46

Fibre infrastructure provider Opticomm is hoping the federal government will help it push NBN Co into standardising its retail service provider interfaces.

Th company, which specialises in building fibre networks in greenfields housing developments, recently upgraded its core network, anticipating customer growth in the wake of the government's revised national broadband network strategy.

The company now wants an interconnect arrangement with NBN Co that would differ from the standard retail service provider interface. While NBN Co's mission is to offer services on a uniform basis to all retailers, Opticomm wants to pass traffic essentially as a peer of NBN Co.

TalkTalk boasts of fourplay-loving customers, extreme growth
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 04:42

While the battle lines are being drawn up between BT-EE and Vodafone over selling you great big lumps of TV, broadband, fixed and mobile phones, TalkTalk has been in the quadplay game for ages.

The telco, which was spun out of Carphone Warehouse in 2010, has announced its last quarter (third quarter, full year 2015) figures, and revealed the value of bundling.

Sales of SIM-only contracts which are tied to the other services, but which don’t come with a handset, accounted for up to 11 per cent of the SIM-only market when the offering was launched in December.

"We're excited

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