Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Broadband floggers in Blighty are UP TO no good, says watchdog
Monday, 17 November 2014 22:43

Hybrid Cloud requirements

UK telcos need to stop fibbing about the network speeds they offer to subscribers, consumer champion Which? demanded today.

It said that British ISPs had a dirty habit of using "up to" jargon in their marketing – even though such a superfast broadband connection promise only applied to 12 per cent of punters.

Which? noted that the companies had a wafer-thin right to make such claims, given that current advertising guidelines state that broadband speeds quoted in ads needed to apply to at least 10 per cent of customers.

Nonetheless, it said that the ads confused subscribers

Fujitsu CTO: We'll be 3D-printing tech execs in 15 years
Wednesday, 19 November 2014 23:00

The state of support services 2014

Fujitsu’s CTO slapped down the net neutrality dogmatists yesterday, saying the flood of data due to the emergence of the internet of things meant society would force a new pricing model.

Joseph Reger told a crowd of journalists at Fujitsu Forum that entertainment devices were swallowing ever more bandwidth, while machine-to-machine communications were generating more data, and connected vehicles were on the horizon.

Reger said: “We have to redefine what net neutrality means.

“If net neutrality means that very service and every connection needs to have the same priority all the time, then I

Greening the copper with NFV, lower power optics from GreenTouch
Thursday, 20 November 2014 15:31

NetApp delivers efficiency at scale

The GreenTouch group, which researches less power-hungry networking technologies, is pitching an NFV-style home gateway architecture as one way to curb broadband networks' appetite for electrons.

The vendor-and-research partnership was set up in 2010, and now lists nearly 50 member organisations listed.

Leading its latest announcement is an architecture for home network gateways that suggests the smarts should be pulled into the network cloud to save energy; and a new approach to optical transceivers.

The Virtual Home Gateway project is led by a French team at the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control.

BEST EVER broadband? Oh no you DIDN'T, Sky – ad watchdog
Friday, 21 November 2014 23:16

The business benefits of unified storage

The telecoms giant formerly known as BSkyB has been ordered to remove a "best ever" broadband ad after rival BT claimed it was "misleading".

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the context of Sky's "BEST EVER broadband offer" in July had not been substantiated and was likely to mislead.

Last week BSkyB ditched the words "British and Broadcasting" from its name, after completing its takeover of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland.

The ASA said in a statement: "We understood that a previous ad from Sky stated 'Our BEST EVER broadband offer' with the headline

Where the HELL is that Comcast technician? Finally – an app for that
Friday, 21 November 2014 15:01

The business benefits of unified storage

US cable giant Comcast is offering some subscribers an app that tracks the whereabouts of its technicians before they arrive for a service appointment. So if you're waiting around for ages wondering where he or she is, there'll be a light at the end of the tunnel.

The ISP said its MyAccount app, available on iOS and Android devices, would soon add the real-time tracking feature.

According to Comcast, it will activate when the technician reports in as being 30 minutes away within the target two-hour appointment period. Users will then be able to

Using the ESP8266 as a Web-enabled sensor
Monday, 24 November 2014 09:00

A few months ago, the ESP8266 came onto the scene as a cheap way to add WiFi to just about any project that had a spare UART. Since then, a few people have figured out how to get this neat chip running custom firmware, opening the doors to an Internet of Things based around an ESP8266. [Marc] and [Xavi] just wrote up a quick tutorial on how to turn the ESP8266 into a WiFi sensor platform that will relay the state of a GPIO pin to the Internet.

If you’re going to replicate this project, you won’t be using the … Read more

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