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Turnbull waters down broadband black spot fix promise
Thursday, 20 February 2014 17:10

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Pre-election promises to prioritise broadband black spots appear to have gone onto the back burner after the release of the Broadband Availability and Quality Report (BAQR) (PDF) by Australia's Federal Department of Communications.

The report was commissioned by Minister Malcolm Turnbull as one of several studies into the disposition of Australia's broadband networks, the better to assist with new planning for the National Broadband Network (NBN). Turnbull campaigned with a plan to address “broadband blackspots” quickly, as doing so would make a difference in affected communities.

Turnbull criticised failure to address black spots as early as

Remote Controlled Lawn Mower Lets you Sit Back and Enjoy The Show
Monday, 24 February 2014 00:01

Lawn Mower

“Its hard to find people that actually WANT to mow their lawn.” A more true statement has never been made. [Kurt's] project turns an old lawn mower into a remote control lawn mower.

The first step of this build is to replace the front drive wheels with mini-bike tires which have built-in gear tooth sprockets. The rear wheels were then replaced with large caster wheels. The 12-24V DC motors and gear boxes used come from National Power Chair. While we have seen more complicated RC lawn mowers before, this project is a great way to get started. All that … Read the rest

Tasmanian Liberals fear NBN policy will kill their election hopes
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 08:36

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Updated Four weeks out from an election in the Australian state of Tasmania, the leader of the opposition Liberal party leader Will Hodgman has staged a “gaffe” by telling a colleague the issue of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could cost his party the election in front of TV cameras.

While getting ready for a press conference with colleague Jacquie Petrusma, with cameras and at least one microphone clearly present, Hodgman told Petrusma “It could cost us the election. Anyway, that's democracy.”

Hodgman is hoping that the Liberal party will be able to

nrf24l01+ using 3 ATtiny85 pins
Monday, 17 February 2014 12:01


[Ralph] wasn’t satisfied with the required 5 control pins to drive his nrf24l01+ transceiver module, so he used this circuit needing just 3 pin using an ATtiny85.

One of the key components was to effectively drive the chip select (CSN) line from the clock (SCK) line. The nrf24l01+ needs the CSN line to transition from high to low on the beginning of a communication.  [Ralph] put the SCK line behind a diode, put a capacitor in parallel with the CSN line and altered the arduino-nrf24l01 library to encode extra delays for the clock line.  This allowed the CSN line … Read the rest

Virgin Media sales flat: Firm bags fewer winter sign-ups than last year
Saturday, 15 February 2014 01:40

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Virgin Media watched subscriptions to its broadband service plummet during its final quarter, compared with the same three-month period a year earlier.

The telco, which is owned by US cable giant Liberty Global, crumbled up against strong competition from rivals BT and BSkyB.

It pulled in just over 39,000 broadband customers in its fourth quarter ended 31 December - down from 62,700 subscribers who signed up to the service in 2012.

Virgin Media reported flat annual revenue of £4.1bn to the City this morning. The company's growth in sales stood at a lean

Google will boost fiber network to 10Gbps for home and office
Saturday, 15 February 2014 10:13

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Google Fiber is the fastest broadband internet provider in the US, but according to the Chocolate Factory's CFO Patrick Pichette, its 1Gbps connection speeds are going to increase ten-fold.

Pichette told the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference that the firm is actively developing the equipment to pump 10Gbps of data into homes and offices on its network and will deploy it faster than people expect.

"That's where the world is going. It's going to happen," Pichette said, USA Today reports . Originally, the plan had been to roll this out in a

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