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Openreach fibre plan for 10m premises coming 'before Christmas'
Monday, 13 November 2017 19:30

Openreach chair Mike McTighe says the carrier has concluded its consultation on how to deliver fibre-to-the-premises connections across Britain by the year 2025 and will deliver its plan to do so “before Christmas”.

“We will be publishing Openreach's response to that consultation before Christmas, and in that we will put out a very clear hypothesis on what it takes to build ten million FTTP ports in the UK,” McTighe told the Broadband Futures Conference today in Sydney, Australia.

McTighe said communications service providers responded positively to the consultation and agreed that it's time to start on an all-fibre build.


Raspberry Pi Learns Slow Morse Code
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 03:00

It wasn’t long ago that you needed to know Morse code to be a ham radio operator. That requirement has gone in most places, but code is still useful and many hams use it, especially hams that like to hack. Now, hams are using the Raspberry Pi to receive highly readable Morse code using very low power. The software is QrssPiG and it can process audio or use a cheap SDR dongle.

There are a few reasons code performs better than voice and many other modes. First, building transmitters for Morse is very simple. In addition, Morse code is highly …read more

Intelsat and Intel reckon satellite spectrum could help with 5G's coming capacity crunch
Thursday, 05 October 2017 15:01

Intelsat and Intel reckon there's a chunk of spectrum currently devoted to satellite operations that could be useful for capacity-starved mobile comms.

The two (unrelated) outfits have submitted a joint proposal to the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), asking that it consider clearing some C-band wavelengths to prepare for the advent of 5G services.

“Intelsat and Intel urge the Commission to allow co-primary terrestrial mobile operations in the 3700-4200 MHz band through commercial agreements between terrestrial mobile interests and primarily affected FSS satellite operators”, the submission [PDF] suggests.

In particular, the proposal focuses on terrestrial use of C-band frequencies

He's no good for you! Ofcom wants to give folk powers to dump subpar broadband contracts
Friday, 06 October 2017 21:32

Ofcom has proposed forcing providers to disclose more accurate speed information at the point of sale and hand consumers the power to walk away if speeds fall below a guaranteed level, in a crackdown on service provision.

Under the move, providers will have to 'fess up to the slowest speeds consumers are likely to receive at "peak" times. Once customers are signed up, if a service drops below the guaranteed minimum, providers will have a limited time to improve speeds before letting customers walk away penalty-free.

The right to exit will also apply to contracts that include phone and pay-TV

You may not have noticed, but 'superfast' broadband is available to 94% of Blighty
Monday, 09 October 2017 22:03

Superfast internet speeds are within reach of nearly 94 per cent of the country, according to figures compiled by Thinkbroadband.

The research , which covered the three months to September, found that 93.9 per cent of premises in Blighty have access to 24Mbps.

That is an increase from regulator Ofcom's figures, which pegged superfast availability at around 90 per cent, based on a speed analysis from June last year.

The work found that Woking in Surrey has the best speeds of 51.8Mbps, due to it being part of the commuter belt and tech corridor.

Meanwhile, Fivemiletown in Northern Ireland, has

Cisco sells data virtualization unit to Tibco
Monday, 09 October 2017 14:57

Four years after acquiring Composite Software and rebranding it as Cisco Data Virtualization, Switchzilla will sell the unit to Tibco.

The buyer says it will be integrating the core Cisco Information server and its “related consulting and support services” into its analytics portfolio, alongside the Tibco Spotfire analytics and its Connected Intelligence platform.

The technology creates what Tibco calls a virtual data layer for analytics without needing a separate data warehouse, and without disturbing the source data.

As well as data integration, the system includes query optimisation, data abstraction, and self-service access.

Cisco paid US$180m for Composite Software. There's no

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