Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
Ham Radio WiFi
Sunday, 03 July 2016 19:01

Many Ham Radio operators in the United States participate in Field Day. This is an annual exercise where radio operators are encouraged to set up stations in conditions that might occur after a natural disaster. Usually, this means taking over some park or camp site, bringing generators, portable equipment, and making it all work for the weekend before you tear it back down.

It isn’t much of a Field Day without electricity. That’s why most stations use a generator, solar cells, or even batteries. Today, though, you probably need an Internet-connected computer to do logging and other features. [HamRadioConcepts] has …read more

Wired Networking For The ESP8266
Saturday, 02 July 2016 16:00

The ever popular ESP8266 is popping up in more and more projects. There are CNC controllers, blinkey WiFi lighting, and downright bizarre WiFi to Ethernet bridges. [Cicero] has thrown his hat into the ring with one of these Ethernet-enabled ESP8266 builds, and right now everything works, it’s simple to put together, and cheap to build.

Astute readers will notice we’ve seen something like this before. A few months ago, [cnlohr] discovered the Ethernet controller in the ESP8266. This was, by every account, the hard way of doing things. [cnlohr] was driving the Ethernet directly through the ESP’s I2S bus. [Cicero]’s project does not. …read more

Can gigabit fibre services revive Adelaide?
Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:07

The South Australian SABREnet, the local academic network that connects universities to the national AARNet network, is going to be expanded to provide high-speed connections for Adelaide businesses.

Premier Jay Weatherill said yesterday the government will sling AU$4.7 million at the project, which will offer services up to 10 Gbps.

The network is already quite extensive. Built over more than a decade, it now stretches more than 200 km, stretching from just south of Noarlunga Centre to Kangaroo Flat in the north, with extensive connectivity in central Adelaide.

“Gigcity” locations will include the Tonsley Innovation District (once the Chrysler plant,

Telstra restarting long-stalled ADSL investment
Thursday, 30 June 2016 09:30

Telstra CEO Andy Penn, while promising to spend AU$250 million improving the Telstra network, has, without much fuss, re-started investment in ADSL infrastructure.

That announcement is in the context of a National Broadband Network that's supposed to make ADSL obsolete.

In this blog post , Penn says the mobile network's $50 million enhancement is proceeding, and there's another $200 million for the core network, and for “increasing current ADSL broadband capacity to meet increasing customer demand”.

The rest of Penn's announcement is that the $250 million includes the $50 million already promised by COO Kate McKenzie to set the mobile

The problem with Canada? The price of broadband is too damn high
Thursday, 30 June 2016 02:05

Opinion Openmedia, a digital rights advocacy group, has quickly become one of Canada's leading civil liberties organizations. Established in 2008 by Steve Anderson, Openmedia has run a series of successful campaigns which have made it the bane of Canada's telecoms oligopoly.

Past campaigns have focused on everything from net neutrality to usage-based billing; big Canadian ISPs had wanted customers to pay per byte, following the cellphone "data plan" model. Openmedia has also had a noticeable impact on Canada's last election through its efforts to get Canadian candidates to register as "pro-internet".

Openmedia's Meghan Sali took the time to talk to

Brexit, schmexit: BT and Oracle join hands for a cloudy tryst
Wednesday, 29 June 2016 21:42

BT has hopped into bed with Oracle in a deal that promises to provide the underlying network connectivity for Oracle’s hybrid cloud.

BT Cloud Connect for OracleFastConnect is built on BT’s IP Connect virtual private network (VPN) and will link customers' on-premises IT to Oracle data centres in London or Amsterdam.

The deal is the latest in a series of partnerships by BT Global Services to push itself forward as a cloudy integrator, having launched its so-called "cloud of clouds" last year. BT and Oracle aim to offer the service starting from the final quarter of calendar year 2016.


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