Is there an unsecured wireless network near you?
ISM Communications for Arduino
Monday, 10 July 2017 10:00

If you want to wirelessly communicate between devices, WiFi and Bluetooth are obvious choices. But there’s also the ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) band that you use. There are inexpensive modules like the SX1278 that can handle this for you using LoRa modulation, but they haven’t been handy to use with an Arduino. [Jan] noticed the same thing and set out to build a shield that allowed an Arduino to communicate using LoRa. You can find the design data on GitHub. [Jan] calls it the LoRenz shield.

According to [Jan], the boards cost about $20 to $30 each to make, …read more

UK.gov tips £400m into digital investment pot
Monday, 03 July 2017 17:02

The UK government has today launched its £400m Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, aimed at boosting Blighty's full-fibre infrastructure.

The country currently has just two per cent fibre-to-the-premise connections – but digital minister Matt Hancock has said he wants the UK to go on a "full-fibre" diet in order to catch up with other countries.

The fund was first announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond in the Autumn Budget last year and will be matched by private finance, totalling a cash pot of £800m.

Launching the fund, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Jones MP is expected to say: "Gone will be the

Virgin Media admits it 'fell short' in broadband speeds ahead of lashing from BBC's Watchdog
Wednesday, 05 July 2017 22:34

Virgin Media has admitted it "fell short" in delivering broadband speeds ahead of a BBC Watchdog report due to air tonight which found customers in some areas receive 3 per cent of the 200Mbps speed they were originally sold.

A letter from executive sales director Neil Bartholomew, seen by The Register , said: "Customers trust Virgin Media and it is our job to live up to that hard won reputation; balancing how we talk and work with customers with the facts a customer needs to know.

"BBC Watchdog has highlighted some cases where we have not lived up to this

ESP to Wireshark
Friday, 07 July 2017 16:00

Everyone’s favorite packet sniffing tool, Wireshark, has been around for almost two decades now. It’s one of the most popular network analysis tools available, partially due to it being free and open source. Its popularity guaranteed that it would eventually be paired with the ESP32/8266, the rising star of the wireless hardware world, and [spacehuhn] has finally brought these two tools together to sniff WiFi packets.

The library that [spacehuhn] created uses the ESP chip to save Pcap files (the default Wireshark filetype) onto an SD card or send the data over a serial connection. The program runs once every …read more

Costa Rica complains of US govt harassment over Pirate Bay domain
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 06:08

The operator of Costa Rica's .cr internet registry has formally complained that it is being harassed by the US government over The Pirate Bay domain on its system.

In a letter [PDF] sent to the head of the Governmental Advisory Committee of DNS overseer ICANN, the president of the Costa Rican Academy of Science, Dr Pedro Leon Azofeifa, complains it has been at the end of "threats to close our registry, with repeated harassment regarding our practices ... and even personal negative comments directed to our executive director."

It notes that for two years, the US Embassy in Costa Rica

Cisco hops on machine learning bandwagon with new switches
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 05:54

Cisco is once again making a push to tie its networking hardware deeper into the compute space, this time with "intuitive" boxes that are better able to analyze and control network traffic.

The new Catalyst 9000 series switches introduce a new management platform called "DNA Center," and the aim is to make the switches better able to apply security policies and controls for devices on a network.

The control center will be able to manage access policies and privileges for devices and apply specific security controls via the Talos security tools. Cisco says the tools will be able to analyze

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