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Public IPv4 drought: Verizon Wireless to stop handing out static addys
Friday, 10 March 2017 11:00

Verizon Wireless will soon stop issuing public static IPv4 addresses to its business customers “due to a shortage of available addresses.”

Instead, it will dish out persistent prefix IPv6 addresses. If you're a Verizon customer and you need a static public address for an IPv4-only device, you'll have to replace that hardware with something that's IPv6 compatible (and not from the tech Stone Age).

The US carrier has written to customers to inform them of a June 30, 2017 deadline after which it will be IPv6 or bust for those who want to assign anything a fixed public IP address

Oh my God, 911 is down. Quick, call… aaargh!
Friday, 10 March 2017 06:56

AT&T suffered an America-wide outage of 911 emergency calls Wednesday evening, sparking some degree of panic and a swift response from US comms regulator, the FCC.

The full scale of the problem is not yet known, and AT&T has yet to put out a response beyond a tweet acknowledging the problem and another one a little under an hour later saying the emergency service had been restored.

Initial reports that the failure was limited to a small part of the country were quickly undermined by reports on Twitter of people from all over the US registering their surprise and anger.

ZTE blow as UK.gov suspends Chinese telco's visa scheme
Friday, 10 March 2017 00:17

Exclusive The UK has suspended ZTE from the immigration scheme used by foreign companies to allow foreign nationals to work locally, The Register can exclusively reveal.

The Home Office has suspended the Tier 2 visa sponsor license for the Chinese state-owned telecomms giant, the fourth largest supplier of telecommunications equipment in the world.

The Register understands that ZTE had not fulfilled its duties under the Tier 2 scheme, which includes a “robust compliance system”.

Home Office staff have been increasing their inspections of Tier 2 visa scheme sponsors over the past year.

ZTE is absent from the most recent register

This ONE easy cloud trick is in DANGER. Why?
Thursday, 09 March 2017 23:43

Legacy, or technical debt – call it what you will – has always been a major challenge to techies looking to move forward and never more so than now, as you're being asked to shift data centre software to the cloud.

Possibly the biggest challenge in dealing with legacy is identifying who “owned” an application when it was created – when they'll almost certainly no longer be present.

Any documentation left behind - often many years ago - by the implementation team will almost certainly leave a little (a lot) to be desired.

That’s a problem, because you need to

UK.gov 5G strategy 'mostly sensible', says engineering brainbox
Thursday, 09 March 2017 22:17

Government plans to dip its toe in 5G tech with a £16m test hub as part of its "5G strategy" have been welcomed by one of the most vocal critics of the technology as a pragmatic move.

Along with the budget yesterday, the government released its 5G strategy (PDF) further detailing how it would splash the £740m previously earmarked for 5G technology.

William Webb, former director of the regulator Ofcom and current CEO of the Weightless Special Interest Group, had previously warned that the money would be better spent addressing 4G notspots.

An increasing number of experts are arguing that

Arista-cats curl up in cloudy containers
Thursday, 09 March 2017 16:02

Bowing to the inevitable, Arista has decided to risk cannibalising its hardware sales and is making its Extensible Operating System (EOS) available for container deployment as cEOS).

cEOS uses the same software image as the EOS baked into the company's hardware. HPE is on board, supporting EOS running on its Altoline white-box range, and Microsoft is putting cEOS on its SONiC (software for open networking in the cloud) to handle BGP.

Other platforms should follow, since the initiative has also been endorsed by chip vendor Broadcom.

It will run on Arista's own platforms, naturally enough, but the company expects support

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