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Parliamentary 'puters made 30k tries to procure pr0nz last year
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 00:32

The Houses of Parliament's network was used to access pornographic material 30,876 times from March to October, it was revealed today.

That works out at approximately five attempts to access smut per hour, with Blighty's parliamentary filtering system blocking users from viewing the content.

September was the month MPs were most eager to access X-rated material (having just returned from summer recess), with 9,467 requests from both the Houses of Lords and Commons that month – according to a freedom of information response by the Press Association .

Last month UK Prime Minister Theresa May sacked her right-hand man Damian

Net boffins brew poison for BGP hijacks
Monday, 08 January 2018 15:02

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is one of the Internet's basic pieces of plumbing technologies, but it's also so old it was designed before the security needs of a multi-billion-user network were understood.

In particular, BGP is notorious for allowing sysadmins to “black-hole” huge swathes of traffic either by fat-fingering route advertisements, or in some suspected cases, maliciously advertising routes that send commercial rivals' traffic into dead zones that kill the user experience.

Which is why a group of researchers from Europe and America reckon they've created a framework that would let service providers neutralize a BGP hijack in minutes.

Trump backs push for bumpkin broadband with presidential orders
Thursday, 11 January 2018 09:28

Analysis President Donald Trump has signed two executive orders aimed at pushing broadband internet into more remote parts of the US, capping a multi-year effort to get America online.

But the effectiveness of those actions and the speed and quality of the internet access that will result is in doubt.

The first executive order is aimed at "streamlining and expediting requests to locate broadband facilities," and will force federal agencies to use standard forms and contracts for antennas installed on federal buildings. And the second , directed at the department of the interior, will oblige the department to make it

Behind the Scenes at a Pair of Cell Sites
Friday, 12 January 2018 03:00

Those who fancy themselves as infrastructure nerds find cell sites fascinating. They’re outposts of infrastructure wedged into almost any place that can provide enough elevation to cover whatever gap might exist in a carrier’s coverage map. But they’re usually locked behind imposing doors and fences with signs warning of serious penalty for unauthorized access, and so we usually have to settle for admiring them from afar.

Some folks, like [Mike Fisher] aka [MrMobile], have connections, though, and get to take an up close and personal tour of a couple of cell sites. And while the video below is far from …read more

EEk! Mobe network's customer services down for more than 24 hours
Wednesday, 03 January 2018 00:59

Mobile network EE has had a poor start to 2018 – their customer service data centre has been down since yesterday.

According to the company, their engineers have identified and are working to solve the problem, but have yet to fix it by the time of writing. The server in question deals with the online "MyEE" webpages, customer phone line, and allows users to monitor their data usage, pay bills, order upgrades and perform other basic functions. The issue did not affect its mobile and wired networks.

Online comments, however, revealed the frustration of EE's customers, who were unable to

Finding Your Motorbike Using Wi-Fi
Saturday, 06 January 2018 12:01

An urban planner once told me that every car requires at least four times as much space as they actually occupy. Each needs a spot on the roads, and three available parking spaces: one at home, one at work, and one to shop. Motorcycles are much smaller, but they still spend most of their time parked.

Motorcycles are the primary means of transport in Southeast Asia, and learning to safely drive one is an essential part of adapting to life here. Assuming it’s not pouring rain and you’re not flooded past your ankles, it’s actually quite a pleasant experience… until …read more

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