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TalkTalk plans to bail on mobile in major shake-up for beleaguered biz
Thursday, 07 September 2017 01:04

Beleaguered UK comms provider TalkTalk is set to go against the received "wisdom" of having multiple services to flog as it plans to pull out of the mobile market entirely.

The move is a fairly significant change of tack given that not so long ago it had targeted four million mobile customers. TalkTalk now has just 913,000 SIM customers. Chief exec Tristia Harrison said the company wants to refocus on its core strength as a "fixed-line business" and reassess its mobile strategy.

No doubt she hopes concentrating on broadband will help boost the company's lacklustre results, with revenues continuing to

Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 18:32

BT customers in the UK have been targeted by scammers in India – with one person reporting they were defrauded for thousands of pounds this week.

The issue appears to have been going on for more than a year. Some customers said the fraudsters knew their personal details.

One reader got in touch to report that his father-in-law has been having problems with his BT broadband, which he contacted the company about.

This week he got a call from someone asking for him by name, talking about his broadband problems. This individual claimed he had malware on his computer and

Australia-to-Asia traffic slows as typhoons cut submarine cables
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:41

Typhoons have broken four submarine cables in the crowded Asian sea-lanes, with a knock-on impact for Australian ISPs iiNet and Internode.

The four damaged cables are ASE (Asia Submarine-Cable Express), TGA-Intra Asia (TGA-IA), Asia-American Gateway (AAG) and SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3).

SMW3 connects Perth to Singapore; ASE and TGA-IA are intra-Asia cables, while ASE connects various Asian landings to California.

According to Malaysia's The Star, the cables were damaged by two typhoons in late August: Hato, which left three dead in Macau after hitting Hong Kon; and Pakhar, which swept through the same region a few days later.

IiNet's outage notice says

Arista describes Cisco's IP defence in antitrust case as 'insane'
Friday, 08 September 2017 22:29

Arista Networks has called its long-running patent dispute with Cisco "breathtakingly broad, unprecedented and insane" in a hearing regarding an antitrust suit against Switchzilla.

In the latest exchange between the companies in court this week, Arista's counsel Matthew Douglas Powers said Cisco's patents only apply to specific parts of Arista's switches and doesn't prohibit Arista from selling Ethernet switch products altogether, according to Law360 .

In May , the US International Trade Commission upheld a judgement that Arista Networks infringed two Cisco Systems patents on networking equipment.

Consequently, the federal agency called for an import ban and a cease-and-desist order

Scottish pensioners rage at Virgin cabinet blocking their view
Thursday, 07 September 2017 23:33

Scottish pensioners are up in arms that Virgin Media has had the audacity to build a huge cabinet outside their homes in East Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, which is reported to be blocking their light.

The OAPs have been fighting Virgin Media since the 5ft boxes were installed in their street in January, according to the Daily Mail .

The installation is part of Virgin's £3bn Project Lightning network expansion, intended to connect 4 million premises to its national ultrafast broadband network by 2019 with speeds of 350Mbps.

But the octogenarians seemed less than impressed at that prospect.

Rosemary Ferguson, 82,

Gov claws back £645m in BT broadband from subsidy
Monday, 11 September 2017 18:38

The government has clawed back £645m from BT under its state-subsidised superfast broadband contracts tendered in 2012.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DDCMS) has estimated 900,000 additional UK homes and businesses could gain access to speeds of 24Mbps thanks to the cash windfall.

But this seems speculative as coverage will depend on whether cash-strapped local authorities choose to invest that money in broadband subsidies

DDCMS estimated that almost 94 per cent of UK homes and businesses (4.5m) currently have the option to buy superfast broadband, and reckoned this would rise to 95 per cent by year-end.


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