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Serval = Free Mobile / Cell Phone calls, for the World!
Thursday, 08 September 2011 08:53

Communicate anywhere, any time … without infrastructure, without mobile towers, without satellites, without wifi hotspots, and without carriers. Use existing off-the-shelf mobile cell phone handsets. Use your existing mobile phone number wherever you go, and never pay roaming charges again.

Saturday, 24 June 2017 08:11

America's broadband watchdog, the FCC, has approved OneWeb's proposal to launch an ISP on the backs of 720 orbiting satellites.

The regulator said it would allow the ISP to offer its service in the US once it makes good on the plan to send 720 satellites into low earth orbit (LEO) and bounce data transmissions around the world.

Specifically, the FCC's order [PDF] grants OneWeb the right to transmit over six wireless bands (10.7-12.7 GHz, 14-14.5 GHz, 17.8-18.6 GHz, 18.8-19.3 GHz, 27.5-29.1 GHz, and 29.5-30 GHz) and creates a procedure for the company to build and operate the base stations

Let's go live to the 3rd circle of Hell – and see what Comcast and Charter are screwing up
Friday, 23 June 2017 06:52

A Texas telco says Comcast sabotaged its cable network after it refused a buyout offer.

Telecom Cable, which provided services in and around Houston, claimed Comcast agents dug up and destroyed its lines in 2015, forcing the company out of business and driving its owners out of the Lone Star State.

Now, Telecom's former owners are suing Comcast in the Texas Harris County court for over $1m in damages. Comcast denies it engaged in any foul play.

Telecom alleges in court documents that in 2013 and 2014 Comcast had attempted to acquire Telecom Cable and its 229 cable and internet service

Research suggests UK consumers find 'fibre' advertising misleading
Thursday, 22 June 2017 21:54

Adverts using the word "fibre" to describe services deployed over copper lines are leaving UK consumers baffled, according to research commissioned by alternative network providers.

The research, conducted by market research agency Opinion Leader using focus groups in London, Sheffield and Swansea, found that the majority of participants were confused about what "fibre" meant.

Alternative network providers Gigaclear, Hyperoptic and Cityfibre have presented the findings to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is currently reviewing advertising of broadband services labelled as fibre.

One participant commented: "There's no competition between fibre and part-fibre... It's like choosing between an awesome car and

Yes, this is our third Cisco story of the day. It's about 23 bugs you need to fix, stat
Thursday, 22 June 2017 17:02

We all know the only thing more fun than a WebEx conference is a recorded WebEx conference, which is why WebEx Network Recording Player exists – and if you use it, you need to patch it.

Switchzilla's 23-patch Wednesday Whack-a-Mole includes fixes for multiple buffer overrun WebEx vulnerabilities.

The WebEx vulns can be exploited by sending a victim an Advanced Recording Format (ARF) file. If they're the kind of tragic who can be convinced to spend part of their life replaying a Web conference, their machine will crash, opening the gate to remote code execution.

The software is part of

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